Your Questions About Games Answered.

Michael asks…

Waiting for Guild Wars 2, should I play Aion in the time being?

So I had bought Aion a while back. A bit before I knew about Guild Wars 2. And then my friend introduced me to Guild Wars 2, and I have been researching it, reading about the game, watching videos of it, learning all I can about it, basically I have low-lifed just learning about Guild Wars 2 and I can not wait for it! I know it is the PERFECT MMORPG game that will soon be released. But I have been a tad bored lately because my school does not start for a while, and sometimes I feel like I just want to relax and play some games just to pass time by besides doing my normal activities and hobbies. So I played some games that I used to play before like Maplestory and Team Fortress 2, etc… But I am beginning to miss Aion. Do you think I should go back to Aion even though I have to pay monthly, until GW2 comes out, or should I just find another game to play until then ( A free game)? And if I should play Aion, does the subscription I pay for online for a month of gameplay differ from actually buying a time card? Does a time card give me more than just a month? I heard it like actually counts by minutes and hours, if so please inform me on how this works, and where I can buy one… So thanks a lot for your help guys :]

admin answers:

Seeing that Guild Wars 2 probably won’t be released until Q1 or Q2 2012 (they’re in closed alpha right now, and will start closed beta before the end of the year), you still have at least several months to play other games. If you liked Aion, you can afford the monthly fee, and you have enough spare time to get your money’s worth in game time, then by all means go for it!
Alternatively, there is a wide variety of free to play MMO’s out there (such as Lord of the Rings Online, Runes of Magic, DDO Unlimited, and many more). If you don’t want (or can’t) spend the money for Aion, I recommend giving some of them a try.

As for game time cards… NCSoft sells “NCSoft Game Time Cards” for 15, 30 or 60 days, and these are essentially the same to a monthly subscription; so they don’t give you more than the specified number of (consecutive) days. They run out 13, 30 or 60 days after you added them to your account. They can be used for any NCSoft game, including Aion, though 1 card can only be used for 1 game (so you can’t split up the time on the card over multiple games). You can get them from various retailers, such as Amazon (see link below).

I hope this answers your questions.

Carol asks…

ps3 or alienware m11x?

Im selling my xbox 360 with 5 or 6 games (most games just released). Now i can either try hard to find a stupid enough person to buy my xbox for $400 and someone else to buy my games for $200. but im not sure if that will work or not and if it does ill still have to save up $200 or ask my dad for it instead of a motor bike (long story) i could also sell my ipod touch that i dont usually use but its jailbroken so i dont know if that will make a difference in selling it but it would also take even more time to sell my ipod, or i could take my xbox 360 with its two controllers a mic and text pad and games including, singularity, crackdown 2, crackdown 1, toy story 3, and gears of war 2 and get a ps3 with a couple of games (there’s a sale going on with all video games at gamestop). so ‘ve been thinking about this non-stop for days now and its driving me crazy, i dont want a “it all depends on what you like” answer because that wont help i just need some help, and be reasonable like if you think ill actually be able to get that $200 soon or if its worth the wait, so with moving in a couple of days and this hard decision i just need told what to do. hope you help me out, thanks!

admin answers:

Ps3, its a cheaper and safer buy. If you buy the laptop by the end of the year there will be games that your pc wont support and since its a laptop you wont be able to upgrade the video card on it. Besides, almost every game thats on pc is on the ps3, only like 1/10 games arent for consoles and only for pc. If you get the pc the only exclusive games you will get are like rpg games like world of warcraft which i dont like at all. The ps3 wil save you money and you wont have to be worrying about your specs.

Linda asks…

Is the Wii losing its momentum?

I just read an on-line article saying that the Wii is losing its ground in the battle for best system.

“The PS3 is gaining good ground on the hot selling Wii console in Japan, according to Enterbain, the Wii outsold the PS3 by a ratio of just 4 to 1 in July. We say ‘just’ because during June the ratio was 6 to 1 in favor of the Wii.”

Looks like Japan is starting to see clearly. And soon, the rest of the world. And the PS3 is just getting starting. Wait until more games start being released.

admin answers:

Yes, people were first enticed by its cheap price and motion sensing. Thus far it has been mostly gimmicky, but only time will tell if it becomes much more than just that. The PS3 is now starting to release an onslaught of great games and so it’s gaining momentum fast as well. The 360 is a complete flop in Japan, nothing can be argued there. I don’t expect the PS3 to overtake the Wii anytime soon, but as for the 360, it will have overtaken that by next year. I would say this year, but the massive Halo hype will keep it just ahead of the PS3. The Wii does have the potential to be a second system for more than the “hardcore” and so its future is less certain. So yes, the Wii is losing momentum, but the real questionis if it will continue on this path or pick back up again.

William asks…

game to movie adaptation which succeeded and which is the best?

ok guys there have been a couple of game to movie adaptation but which have been the best?

money wise??

and purely as a good movie??

now i no mortal kombat was the highest grossing game to movie adaptation till tomb raider……but is tomb raider still the highest

i think it made like 250 million

while resident evil made about 100 million

even though tomb raider made more money though on sites like imdb and wikipedia there is more info there (including activity on forums) that suggest resident evil was better.this has nothing to do with resident evil being released later so more people are interested in it as the last forum post on imdb was long ago when the last post on re was not so long ago.

anyone know any facts???

for example resident evil is the 1st game to movie thats spawned a trilogy and soon to be quad trilogy

mortal kombat was the highest grossing game to movie adaptation until tomb raider

and whats your opinion???? (feel free to talk about mario bros etc)

also does anyone know any soon to be video game to movie adaptations. i know that silent hill 2 is on its way

by the way does anyone know whats going on with the 3rd tomb raider movie ?

and also can you click this link ad sign the petition if you want its to do with resident evil 4

admin answers:

Tomb Raider is still considered to be the one and only successful game to movie adaptation and earned the most money. Mortal Kombat made a lot of money but was considered a box office disaster. The only reason most game-movie adaptations fail is because of the games’s fans who expect too much of the movie. Doom was considered a flop with only $55 million and fans rejected it because it diverted greatly from the idea of opening a portal to hell and creating a more realistic concept of a science experiment gone wrong.

I loved the adaptations of Doom, Hitman and many other game-movies but all of them have been considered flops with Tomb Raider being the only successful adaptation, however the second Tomb Raider was considered a flop.

I know of The Sims being turned into a movie. Based on the story line of a woman moving into a neighbourhood and later discovering she’s a character in a video game played by real people is just terrible and I know it will flop.

The claymotion game The Neverhood is being adapted, but still going to be done in claymotion so I believe it will be somewhat successful and popular to anyone who played the game but whether or not it attracts the interest of others I’m not sure.

Metal Gear Solid is rumoured and I believe that would make a fantastic movie.

Doom 2 is rumoured to be based on DVD sales of the first movie, or as an adaptation to the upcoming Doom 4 game.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is slated for a movie as well as Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Both I believe would be very successful movie adaptations as the story lines in the games flow perfectly into a movie whereas trying to construct a movie plot out of a FPS like Doom is precarious with fans.

Halo would make a fantastic movie adaptation, but has been in development hell since 2005 and a script has yet to be chosen.

There are dozens more but in the end it comes down to the fact that fans make the ultimate choice of whether or not the movie is anything like they expect from the game and so far Tomb Raider is the one and only success. Resident Evil did well but even though it spawned a quadrilogy, each successive movie did worse in the box office than its predecessor. The film studios decided however that it could still be a profitable franchise. Despite the failure of Tomb Raider 2, the company still say that they may continue with Tomb Raider 3 in the near future.

Paul asks…

Need help with a game name?

Right now I;m working on a game I need a name for. I wanted to name it Revenant Dreams, but those r both nouns and it doesn’t make sense. Is there an adjective form of the word Revenant? Or another word that means the same thing? I’d rather not use like “Dreams of a Revenant”.

And by the way, if anyone is interested, drop me a message saying so, and when I put out updates I could message/email you or something. I’ll be releasing a preview video soon, within probably the next month. I can’t release any information on the game except it is a 2D survival horror platformer that is based around the concept of a “relam/world” between the life in Earth and Hell (kinda like Silent Hill’s nightmare world)
Actually thinking about it now it IS possible to use a noun as an adjective (such as Cat Dreams, in that case the noun “Cat” could be viewed as a n adjective, so I guess I’ll stick with Revenant Dreams because I do like it a lot.

I’ll keep this question open for anyone else who wants to recurve updates on this game, such s you Barbabop (thanks btw).

admin answers:

Well, I think “Revenant Dreams” would work… But that’s beside the point. Maybe “Chimerical Dreams”?
Definition of chimerical: existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary or improbable
I’m also very interested in how this game will turn out, keep me informed at I’ll also send you a message. Thanks!

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

James asks…

Student exchange to Canada?

Hi, so in 2013 or 2014 I am thinking of doing student exchange to Canada. I live in Queensland, Australia where it is full of beaches and sun and I want to live in the snow. I would be going for 9 months and have no idea about Canada! I was thinking of going to the US but I am rethinking things after the Connecticut shooting, I think Canada is a lot safer and a lot of my friends who have travelled say Canadians are wonderful people.
I have a few questions regarding Canada:
1. Will I have to learn French? I know a lot of schools on Canada have French as a subject.

2. Best cities? I want to live somewhere where there are a lot of stores (mainly fashion stores).

3. When do Canadians start/end school for the year?

4. I might be getting braces soon so would I be able to get them checked in an orthodontist in Canada?
Thank you so much! :)

admin answers:

1. Will I have to learn French? I know a lot of schools on Canada have French as a subject.

> Only if you opt to do your studies in Quebec, that is the only primarily French-speaking Province in Canada. Anywhere else English is the primary language used.

2. Best cities? I want to live somewhere where there are a lot of stores (mainly fashion stores).

Haha, you’ll chuckle at this:

“The Economist magazine again has ranked three Canadian cities are among the world’s top five most livable cities, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary made The Economist magazine’s 2012 list released earlier this week. The survey ranks 140 cities based on a number of factors, including health care, stability, culture and environment, education and infrastructure…”

What’s funny is Australian cities made up for the balance of the top spots!
We’re in good company it seems :)

Another fyi since I’m posting props:
“Canada best G20 country to be a woman; Policies that promote gender equality, safeguards against violence and exploitation and access to healthcare make Canada the best place to be a woman among the world’s biggest economies, a global poll of experts showed on Wednesday”

As for fashion, I can only speak for Vancouver and there is shopping til you drop, very high end stuff too; here’s a parcial list:

Of note; in Vancouver you theoretically could go spring-skiing on say Blackcomb-Whistler [where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held] then hit the beaches for some tanning – on the same day.

3. When do Canadians start/end school for the year?

Starts in September after Labour Day and ends in June generally, but again using Vancouver as an example there is the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University plus colleges and trade schools where acedemics go year-round. Best check the individual University to see what they offer.


4. I might be getting braces soon so would I be able to get them checked in an orthodontist in Canada?

Bad news, dentistry isn’t covered by Canadian universal healthcare.
Good news, doesn’t matter as you can get treatment from any doctor you choose so sure you can get anything checked – the downside is it comes out of your pocket.

“and have no idea about Canada!”

Quickie crash course lol.

- Liberal laws and society; eg gay marriage legal, Vancouver has a clothing optional beach, etc.
- Intolerance based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference and such things is socially unacceptable. We don’t like superfical drama.
- Violence minimal; any big city will have inherant big city issues like homeless, drug use, prostitution and such, often located in a small specific part of town – more a skid row than a ghetto. If you experience crime it’ll be more the property crime type, leaving valuables in your car and having the window broken and stuff gone upon your return. That said I’ve lived in Vancouver [or suburbs] for +30 yrs and have never exprecience a crime against me. Hockey games don’t count, much like the same is true of rugby where you live.
- Anywhere you go in Canada during our winter, you’ll find snow. Fact is I was watching the news tonight and a snow boarder that went out of bounds and got lost has just been located safe and sound by rescue teams! Yayyy!


- Obey out of bound signs

Hope you do make the journey, Canada is pretty cool. So is the USA by the way, they can’t prevent the lunatic fringe just like nobody really can sadly enough.

Jenny asks…

Favorite Books at the Moment?

What are your favorite books right now? Which books couldn’t you put down? What are your top ten must reads?

I want to find new books to read :D
Thank you!

(you don’t have to answer all of them. at least one would be nice.)

admin answers:

Most recently, it was Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan. It’s the third book in the Heroes of Olympus series, which is the sequel to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I would most definitely recommend that you read them.

Must reads:
Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
Percy Jackson (mentioned above), Rick Riodan
Space Demons, Gillian Rubenstein (published in the 1980′s, but I still really enjoyed it)
Lorien Legacies, Pittacus Lore (I Am Number 4, etc. It was made into a movie a few years back)
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare (first book becoming a movie, set for release Aug. 2013)

Hope that helps.

Donald asks…

Top 10 PS3 games you want so badly?

No particular order I want Mass Effect 3, The Last Of Us, Bioshock Infinite, God Of War: Ascension, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Rachet and Clank: HD Collection, Sly HD Collection, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Grand Theft Auto V, Assassins Creed 2. I wish I had all these games right now.

admin answers:

1. Assassins Creed 3
I’m a sucker for the Assassins Creed series, and I am definity interrested in Assassins Creed 3. Conner is an interresting character *However I wonder how it’s an ancestor of Desmond* and come on, it takes place in the colonial era.
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Alright, it’s either a hit or a miss for almost everyone, however, I got bored with CoD after Mw2 and after looking at Black Ops 2 I applaud for Treyarch, they listened to the community, they actually did something new instead of all the other companies that don’t do something new because they’re afraid their fans won’t like it, but Black Ops 2 did something new which is going into the future.
3. God of War 4
It’s God of War, nuff said.
4. Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time
I LOVED to play the Sly Cooper game series when I was a kid, and I still love the games now, and I am definitly interrested in 4.
5. Dust 514
It’s a shooter, it’s free, it looks awesome, over 64 player battles *Maybe 254 BUT the developers are working on that to see if it’s possible* and it looks awesome. It also encorporates Eve online into this as you can literally fight for guilds.
6. Crysis 3
Crysis 2 was a great game *However I hated the multiplayer* and it had great graphics and a GREAT storyline with the ending being bad-ass. Crysis 3 will turn New York City into a jungle and basiculty it’s like taking us back to Crysis 1 since it was set on an island with urban environments. Now if only Crysis 3 had an open roam aspect, but who knows, it might.
7. Grand Theft Auto V
I love GTA 4, and overall the GTA series, so I have no doubt in my mind that GTA V won’t fail to impress me.
8. Saints Row 4
Saints Row 3 was a dissapointing game compared to Saints Row 2, but Volition has hopefully been listening and it will probably fix on Saints Row 3′s problem. Also, we know that it’s coming since they said that they incorporated a stand alone DLC into Saints Row 4.
9. The Last of Us
What’s more to say, it’s a badass game that’s soon to be released … In 2013 …
10. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
It’s not a soon to be released game, and it’s already been released, but it looks cool, it’s missions are awesome *Played the game at a friend’s house* and I just want it overall.

Charles asks…

How Can I become the Top Basketball Player In The Nation?

Im a sophmore in highschool class of 2013 im 6ft5 sg i started playing basketball at 10 im 16 now ranked 8th best player in the state and in my class. my dad always talks to me about basketball and tells me if i want to be an allamerican i have to do all american things so i get up early in the morning around 6 am and go through my circuts and cone drills,shooting,conditioning and strength it takes me about 4 hours 30 mins to complete it all. I been really consistent with my workouts and i improved enough to get invited to the elite 50 aau camp. But its not enought for me i want to be the best simple and plain no questions asked and i recently played against this 6ft 2 point guard quick as lighninging can shoot and the whole 9 and i want to know how can i get that good to be a stand out player like him its like he can score whenever he wants and im kinda mad because i feel like i should be the best basketball player in the state even as a sophmore because i truly believe i put in more work and work my ass off when everybodys still asleep and i practice hard as hell!

admin answers:

You need to focus on fundamentals and footwork. The thing that sets Kobe and Michael apart is they are so fundamentally sound and they could create shots so easily. Keep working on footwork too and quickening your release on your jumper. The mental aspect is also very important. Derrick Rose has the perfect demeanor and you should emulate yourself after him mentally. Do not get too up or down in games and be balanced. Be able to really shoot too. There are thousands of athletic players who could jump out of the gym but were not consistent shooters. Develop range and learn how to shoot with a hand in your face. Work on shooting off the dribble a lot too and step backs. Finish with both hands around the rim too. Carlos Boozers dad tied his right arm to his side so he learned to dribble and finish successfully with both hands. It takes a lot of work and passion, but good luck

William asks…

Any new game systems coming out?

Dont mention wii u

admin answers:

Playstation Vita looks like it is coming out in 2012 for North America and 2011 for Japan.

Playstation and Microsoft have not yet announced any new systems. Many media outlets expect systems to begin launching around the 2013 or 2014.

OnLive also just recently released a cloud game console (playing games off of cloud based memory instead of disks/hard drives). OnLive services also work on apple devices and computers (PC or Mac). Many of the games are at the same level as 360/PS3 games ( games include assassin’s creed, FIFA, etc.) and due to cloud technology in theory they could become a lot more graphically powerful without having to update hardware. The current console they recently release was the “OnLive Game System”

A 3DS relaunch is expected within the coming year or two to add a second anolog stick ( already confirmed in a $20 peripheral attachment) but the relaunched is expected to include a new version of the 3DS system with the second stick built on the handheld.

Well you can choose to ignore wii U but it is a new console and nintendo currently has the most console sales for a home console in this generation (wii PS3 360) so should not be counted out.

Mobile gaming is also on a huge popularity boom especially with Apple’s iOS devices. They also have added the ability for new AppleTVs to use ipads or ipod touches as controllers. This is technically making AppleTV a home gaming console on top of its other features.

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Daniel asks…

Can some one please revise my essay?

How does Windows 7 differ from Vista or Windows XP? Windows seven was release 8/31/2010.

Some technology improvements in windows 7 over vista or XP are, Windows 7 perform better than Vista/XP and use fewer resources. Also it has engineered to make fewer reads and writes to the HDD and is ideal to be installed on SDD (Solid State Drive). Some improvements over Vista/XP includes: Task bar changes: – include Jump List, Aero Peek. Supports touch screen and Touch Pad multi-touch. Include Aero Snap and Aero Shake to manage Desktop Windows. Include Libraries to manage folders. Include XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC environment. Include Action Center to troubleshoot Windows. Include Home group to manage local network Windows RE already include in the Hard Drive among others new features.
Windows 7 features include: Accessibility ,Action Center, Aero Audio, video Backup, Restore ,Bit Locker Calculator, Desktop Device, management DirectX 11, Email ,Gadgets, Games, Explorer ,Getting Started Home Group, Internet Explorer 8, Internet, TV Jump ,Lists Language packs ,Libraries Location-aware printing, Multiplayer games, Networking, Paint ,Parental Controls, Peek Performance improvements, Play To Power management , Ready Boost , Remote Desktop , Connection Remote, Media Streaming, Shake, Snap, Snipping, Tool ,Startup ,Repair, Sticky Notes, System Restore ,Tablet PC, User Account ,Control Windows ,Anytime Upgrade, Windows Connect Now, Windows Defender ,Windows Easy Transfer, Windows Experience, Index ,Windows Fax and Scan Windows ,Firewall, Windows Live, Essentials Windows Live ,Movie Maker ,Windows Live Photo Gallery ,Windows Media Center ,Windows Media Player 12, Windows Mobility Center , Windows Search ,Windows Taskbar , Windows Touch ,Windows Troubleshooting ,Windows Update ,Windows XP Mode and WordPad XPS
Windows 7 prices include: Home Premium: $199.99, Professional:$299.99, Ultimate: $319.99 You would want to use as a home use Windows 7 Home Premium is recommended for you because
There are a few different 0/S versions that are available for windows 7 platform. There’s: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise (used in businesses mostly), and Ultimate. There is also 32bit and 64bit versions of each save home basic (I think). There are also some N versions. Also Microsoft is currently running a promotion on windows seven; Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack: Purchase a Family Pack and upgrade three PCs to Windows 7 Home Premium for $149.99, a savings of over $200.
Some thoughts I have on windows seven are Windows 7 is what Vista should have been; I’m disappointed we even have to pay for Win7, but it was necessary as Vista was terrible. I use Windows in a virtual machine, so I have to buy the retail disk, not get a OEM version. So you can see why I’m peeved a little. The fact that there are many different versions of Windows 7, why not include all on one disk? Surely the license code could be used to unlock further features. Need to upgrade to a better version of Windows for a project? No problem, just stick the one disk in and go for it, no need to buy another whole disk. Come on, save some gas and materials! (Yes I know about Windows upgrade anytime, by chance that is)I do like its ability to save a System Restore to DVD’s or a hard drive, this is essential for everyone to do this once they get their machine tweaked the way they want before the first piece of malware hits. Microsoft should take a proactive position to push the PC vendors from installing all their bloat ware, trial ware etc., on new hardware. It really distracts from the conformity across all PC’s and makes life generally hard for everyone. Not to mention slows down the computers performance drastically. Also the eye candy setting is set way to high, it should be set lower. Microsoft Security Essentials should be installed BY DEFAULT, a more clearer understanding given how and why it’s important for users to do their Windows updates, instead of just clicking to ignore when the bubble pops up. Laptop users are especially vulnerable and getting a good connection is hard as well, they should be informed if their connection isn’t strong enough or reliable enough for updates. How about a automatic update for Flash? Really how hard is that to do? Windows 7 is better, but it has to come a long way before Joe “I don’t know nothing about computers” can use it without trouble. Mac’s are better, but they are deceptive. They appear easier to use but they are not to newbies. The only good thing is they are safer online than Windows. I prefer windows sever over any other operating system. It’s the most supported and just works while still allowing functionality. I’ve tried linux (briefly) and it could be very powerful if I knew more about it. Never tried a Mac since I don’t have one but I’d assume it would work decently.
There were no competitors that released a new OS system at the sam
new OS system at the same time as windows 7. Apple released 10.6 around a year earlier and is releasing 10.7 this summer. Various Linux distributions came out at the same time as Windows 7, but they upgrade constantly.
Microsoft has released their new Operating System (O/S) called Windows 7. Complete a 1-2 page research paper about Window 7 O/S discussing some of its new features, pricing, which version would a home user need to purchase and maybe why.

Here are some questions to consider when writing your research paper:

How does Windows 7 differ from Vista or Windows XP?
What are some of the technology improvements in Windows 7 over Vista or XP?
How many different O/S version will be available from the Windows 7 platform? (In the past we’ve had multiple operating system choices available to the end user)
When will Windows 7 release or become available for purchase?
Is Microsoft currently marketing Windows 7 or running promotions?
Share your own thoughts about whether you like Windows 7.
Is there a competitor releasing a new OS at the same time as Windows 7?
Is there an O/S you prefer?
How does Windows 7 compare to the Apple MAC operating system?

admin answers:

Some technology improvements that Windows 7 has over Vista or XP are better performance less utilization of resources. Also, Windows 7 has engineered to make fewer reads and writes to the HDD and is ideal to be installed on Solid State Drive (SDD). Some improvements over Vista and or XP include: task bar changes, jump list, Aero Peek, supports touch screen and Touch Pad multi-touch, Aero Snap and Aero Shake to manage Windows Desktop, libraries to manage folders, XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC environment, Action Center to troubleshoot Windows, home group to manage local network Windows RE already include in the Hard Drive among others new features.
Windows 7 features include: Accessibility, Action Center, Aero Audio, video backup, restore, bit locker, calculator, desktop device, management DirectX 11, email, gadgets, games, Explorer, Getting Started, Home Group, Internet Explorer 8, internet, TV Jump, Lists Language packs, libraries, location-aware printing, multiplayer games, networking, Paint, parental controls, peak performance improvements, Play To Power management, Ready Boost, remote desktop, Connection Remote, Media Streaming, Shake, Snap, Snipping, Tool, Startup, Repair, Sticky Notes, System Restore, Tablet PC, User Account, Control Windows, Anytime Upgrade, Windows Connect Now, Windows Defender, Windows Easy Transfer, Windows Experience, Index, Windows Fax and Scan, Windows Firewall, Windows Live, Essentials Windows Live, Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player 12, Windows Mobility Center, Windows Search, Windows Taskbar, Windows Touch, Windows Troubleshooting, Windows Update, Windows XP Mode, and WordPad XPS.
Windows 7 prices include: Home Premium, $199.99; Professional, $299.99; and Ultimate, $319.99. For home use, Windows 7 Home Premium is recommended for you because there are a few different O/S versions that are available for the Windows 7 platform. There are Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise (used in businesses mostly), and Ultimate. I believe there are also 32 bit and 64 bit versions of each, save home basic. There are also some N versions. Also, Microsoft is currently running a promotion on Windows 7; Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack: Purchase a Family Pack and upgrade three PCs to Windows 7 Home Premium for $149.99, a savings of over $200.
Some thoughts I have on Windows 7 are Windows 7 is what Vista should have been; I’m disappointed we even have to pay for Windows 7, but it was necessary as Vista was terrible. I use Windows in a virtual machine, so I have to buy the retail disk, not get an OEM version. So you can see why I’m peeved a little. The fact that there are many different versions of Windows 7, why not include all on one disk? Surely the license code could be used to unlock further features. Need to upgrade to a better version of Windows for a project? No problem, just stick the one disk in and go for it, no need to buy another whole disk. Come on, save some gas and materials! (Yes I know about Windows upgrade anytime, by chance that is). I do like its ability to save a system restore to DVDs or a hard drive, as this is essential for everyone once they get their machine tweaked the way they want before the first piece of malware hits. Microsoft should take a proactive position to push the PC vendors from installing all their bloat ware, trial ware, and etcetera, on new hardware. It really distracts from the conformity across all PCs and makes life generally hard for everyone. Not to mention it slows down the computer’s performance drastically. Also the eye candy setting is set way to high; it should be set lower. Microsoft Security Essentials should be installed by default, and a clearer understanding given how and why it’s important for users to do their Windows updates instead of just clicking ignore when the bubble pops up. Laptop users are especially vulnerable. Getting a good connection is hard as well; they should be informed if their connection isn’t strong enough or reliable enough for updates. How about an automatic update for Flash? Really how hard is that to do? Windows 7 is better, but it has to come a long way before Joe “I don’t know nothing about computers” can use it without trouble. Macs are better, but they are deceptive. They appear easier to use but they are not to newbies. The only good thing is they are safer online than Windows. I prefer Windows sever over any other operating system. It’s the most supported and just works while still allowing functionality. I briefly tried Linux and it could be very powerful if I knew more about it. I never tried a Mac since I don’t have one, but I assume it would work well.

Thomas asks…

Should I buy an iPod Touch 4G now or wait for the 5G?

My current iPod is starting to show it’s wear and tear. Currently, I have an 80 GB iPod Classic which I got back in late 2007 or 2008, so it’s lasted me quite a long time. However, my iPod has been messing up internally. I can’t listen to a song without it pausing after every fifteen or twenty seconds.

I’ve tried everything that I can think of – even resetting it to it’s factory settings. That worked for a day or two, but it started acting up again after that. The strange thing is that I didn’t mess with it. In that two day time period, I didn’t download anything or mess with the internal workings inside of it. I only plugged it up to charge it in a wall outlet.

I’ve worked up roughly $350, enough to buy a 34 GB iPod Touch (which, in my opinion, is suitable for me since I’ve only used up 8 GB on my classic and have over 100+ MP3s, videos, and games combined).

What I’m really worried about is the rumored fifth generation iPod Touch that will come out. The release date has yet to be said, but I looked at the release date for other iPod Touches and I saw a pattern. The iPod first generation came out on September 5th, 2007. The second generation came out on September 9th, 2008. The third generation came out on September 9th, 2009. And the fourth (and current) generation came out on September 10th, 2010.

It seems a new iPod Touch comes out every year around the 9th of September, so if I base my theory off of that, the fifth generation will come out in about two months.

But, once again, Apple hasn’t said anything about it, so I think the release date will be delayed for a bit since Apple generally announces their newest product nearly five to six months in advance. If that’s the case, then I’ll probably buy a fourth generation now since my current iPod is useless.

What do you guys think? I’m stuck at an impasse right now. Should I buy a 4G now or wait? The release date hasn’t been mentioned, and my iPod is toast right now. I’m basing the fifth generation release date off of a theory right now. On the other hand, I could go and buy a 4G, but if the 5G comes out later, then it’ll be a waste of a good, hard earned $300. What should I do?

admin answers:

This year apple have said the iPhone is being released 3 months later than all the others (usually june but this year september) and all the iPods and things come out around 2-3 months after that, but they might come out at the same time as the iPhone, they havent said yet. They also said the new software for the iPod touch 5 will we able to go onto to iPod touch 4 so they will still have the same software. Also the iPod touch 4 will be cheaper when the 5th one comes out.
The other thing you should question is weather you actually need an iPod touch because it is the most expensive iPod because it can do just about everything. So if you only want tour iPod for music buy a cheaper one eg iPod nano or if you want it for the Internet, video calls and apps ect then get an iPod touch :)

Steven asks…

First Custom Built Gaming Computer?

Ok, so Im 15 years old and I want a computer for christmas. It’s main use? Everything. I want to do some pretty heavy gaming like Crysis and MW2 because my Xbox 360 died. Im really into music so it’s gonna have an excess of 10Gbs of music and video on it. Ive looked at retail computers at best buy and Sam’s club just to name a few, and price wise the computers just arnt that great. I know a little bit about computer hardware so I considered building one with my father, who built our home computers years back. Our computer now is about 8 years old and its just become awfully slow. I dont need the newest fastest Core i7 Extreme or anything like that, but I do want to play games smoothly at pretty high settings with no lag or hiccups (cause i hate that!). And it needs to last ~4 years until im out of high school being pretty fast and playing new games before it shows signs of lagging behind.

Ive put together numerous configurations on New egg and sites like that, and i want something like this.

Processors: Core i7 or Core 2 Quad (There both quad-core so I dont see any difference, just not Core 2 Duo.) Dosent have to be the Core i7- 975 Extreme that costs 2000 dollars just the average 2.66GHz or maybe 2.8. Dont know much about AMD Processors but ill consider the Phenom X4 or whatever is equal to Intels Quad-Core.

Motherboards: I dont know much about motherboards but I do want one that supports i7 and Core 2 Quad of course and maybe something that supports SLI and Crossfire. Also i want just a name brand like Asus or EVGA, not a brand where you say, “who the hell are they??”.

Memory: Around 6 to 8 Gbs sounds like enough. I dont know the difference between Dual Channel (DDR2) and Triple Channel (DDR3). So if you can explain that a little i would appreciate it.

Graphics: Nvida or ATI, leaning towards ATI because they are a bit cheaper and still offer good performance. Im confused with Nvidia becuase it seems like all their cards are just renamed versions of older cards. I want something with DX11, preferably a HD 5870. I know Nvidia hasnt released their DX11 cards yet but Im still considering it. Down the road (like next year in 2010) i might buy myself another identical card to go crossfire in time for Crysis 2 and stuff like that, so i just want it to be compatible.

Everything else is pretty self explanitory. just a 500Gb or something harddrive. DVD drives and burners. Around an 850w PSU that can handle SLI and CrossfireX safely. Im going to need a wireless card and maybe a beefy sound card. Im gonna need a card reader for my camera. And thats just about it besides the case which is my personal preference.

Also looking for a monitor, HD, widescreen and all that around 22′ to 23′ inches maybe 1080p. Looked at Asus and Acer and im pretty satisfied coming from a 20′ CRT at 1024×768.

Some of my previous configurations have been around 1500 to 1700 dollars and thats a little too much considering im going to pitch in a little on the computer and buy myself a monitor, speakers, keybrd, etc.

Im in the range of 1000 to 1500 dollars, I have about 900 dollars and im willing to pitch in a little on the computers TOTAL cost to help out my parents. (With tax and shipping on parts.) Im keeping aside about 500 dollars to buy a monitor (~250) the logitech x-540 (~90) the g9 mouse (~60) a nice lit-up keyboard (~80) and crysis maximum edition and MW2 (Both about ~90) just for starters. I dont want to empty my bank account either. lol

Keep in mind im coming from a Pc with a AMD Athlon XP2400+. A 6600Gt. and 256Mb of ram. So this is gonna be a HUGE upgrade for me.

Ok im done now i know i had a lot too say but i just want something nice for the $$. I really REALLY aprecciate any info or help you can give me. Mainly you computer people. Thanks!!!

admin answers:


This is the best 4-core processor on the market, currently, in terms of bang/buck. It also has the high clock speed that you want for a gaming system.


850W *Seasonic* for $120?!? That’s a no-brainer.


(two of these)

That’s a pretty good start.

DDR2, DDR3, dual channel, triple channel are all unrelated terms. You can have DDR2 and triple channel or DDR3 and dual channel. In general, dual channel is using two sticks of RAM as one WIDE stick, which makes accessing really huge files easier. Triple channel is the same concept, but uses three sticks of RAM instead of two. Those sticks can be DDR2 (processes twice on every clock cycle) or DDR3 (processes three times on every clock cycle)

I think the best technology is DUAL channel. With 2GB sticks of RAM, it is highly unlikely you’d be accessing files large enough (on a regular basis) to see a speed improvement by using 3 sticks of RAM simultaneously, instead of just two. Plus, if you have triple channel technology, you’d have to have 6-9 RAM slots on a mainboard to allow for future expansion. Some motherboards have this, but it steals a lot of board space just for the RAM. It’s better to use dual channel, which is plenty fast and only requires 4 RAM slots (minimum) for optimal versatility.

Maria asks…

what can you tell me about the history of the online game runescape & the game’s creation & making?

Now, I know that this is a really weird and unusual question. Most people, when they play runescape, don’t really take much time to think about how it all started. But, one day, I became curious and got to thinking…Who invented runescape? How did runescape begin? How was it conceptualized in its early stages. What little I do know about its history is that it was released in 2004 as the first MMORPG game. And, this game has now become a phenomenon and has someone managed to stick around to today. This current year of 2010. It is now the number one online free multiplayer game. It is owned by jagex. Maybe, released by jagex as well. On that part, I’m not entiredly sure. I was recently introduced to runescape in May 2010 and have been playing it for two to three months. Sure, the game gets boring after awhile in free world, but there is just so much to do in member’s. And, it amazes me that, after five or six years, the people who made the game are STILL making money off it. That it has managed to stick around for so long…What inspired the haunting landscapes in runescape…Was it any particular geographical location in either America (i’m thinking west coast or perhaps east coast because of all the oceans) or in England or perhaps elsewhere? And, what gives the game such it’s large appeal to the masses? Is it the appeal of the game itself or the ability to chat with other players from nearby and faraway places in real life, or, is it the magical combination of the two: gameplay and online iming/chat? Who or what inspired this brilliant game and gameplay type? Was it the first of it’s kind or not? And, why do so many people in times of loss turn to runescape for comfort–people who are depressed and people who are in despair. Even, people who are bored sometimes play it…And, it is reserved for all ages or just for 12-18 year olds? How about 20 yr olds and up playing it? And, lastly, what makes it so appealing that one can sometimes find online “friends” who become real friends and even “boyfriends” who become real boyfriends. My best friend found her boyfriend on runescape about five years ago and they are still together and have even seen each other in real life and talk daily. Runescape introduced them. Same, with another friend that I know who found his girlfriend as well on runescape. They are not still together but they were very close when they were. What, exactly, has powered this massive runescape machination and hysteria(by hysteria i mean widespred phenomenon)–videos on youtube, searches on every major website or search engine. And, much, much more…Why does it appeal to so many people? Is it the variety of quests and things to do such as training skills and earning skillcapes that one can accomplish? And, what gives some people a sense of achievement on it, while others lose interest and become bored? If someone could please help me answer some of these questions, namely, what I want to know is about the history and the creation of the game itself as it was conceptualized originally (and how it is fast becoming widely popular something similiar to Twilight or Harry Potter but with more of a variety), I would be much obliged to them for their help. :) .

admin answers:

Try searching for devious MUD, I think that was the very first name of runescape. I could be wrong.

Betty asks…

Should I get an iPod Nano 5G, or the iPod Touch 2G?

My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I’ve got to tell my parents what I want for my birthday! I’ve been planning to get an iPod Touch since last summer, but now with the new iPod Nano that came out, I’ve been so interested in it! They come in colors, there’s a video camera, the screen is big, there’s FM radio, etc. For the iPod Touch, I really want one too, because first of all, there’s Wi-Fi, which I really like because you’re connected to the internet, and social networks. Also, everything is touchable, so that’s fun and the screen is, well, obviously, the biggest, out of all iPods.

I go on road-car trips a lot during the holidays and the long weekends so that’s why I took the Nano into consideration, because it is more portable. I have the Nano 3G at the moment, and it’s pretty small, so that’s good. But, if I got a Touch, I could talk to my friends on it, go on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Plus, there’s really cool apps out there.

There is one thing I’m very scared about and that’s if a new iPod Touch comes out soon, as you know, the 3rd generation is out already but only for 32 and 64 gb, which I probably won’t get because I would get the 8gb which is still only the 2nd G ipod touch. Is it worth getting one now? Presently, it’s April 2nd 2010, and new iPods come out usually in September….. if anyone knows anything about new iPod releases, please let me know ! I’ve heard that the next iPod Touch would come with a camera, and better graphics, and so on, so I don’t want to get one now, then watch a new one come out after 5 months.

Soooo…. your opinion… iPod Nano 5G, for portability and simpleness/cool colors, or the … iPod Touch, for fun and games, and internet…???

Please, help me ! I really don’t know and I need to tell my parents very very soon.

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~ phileeskittleluvvaaamuuch♥♥♥

admin answers:

Lets think logically. Are you really going to use up 5GB? If you are, then get the NANO, because to be honest it is very similar to the touch, it’s just not touch screen! It even has video now, and so many other features, it’s a brilliant little gadget to have, and you can do so much with it. Don’t get the touch if you reckon your going to use more than 2GB, as although it may seem better than the NANO, as it’s touchscreen, it may not be worth the money, and you may have to end up deleting files to replace them with new ones! They are both excellent, but also, think of your parents…I think the NANO is cheaper, so, why not save them a bit of money, and ask for that? They may even spend the extra money on something else you like! I have a friend who regrets buying her touch, she is always going on about how great her new NANO is, and that she was stupid to get the touch. Another advantage of getting the NANO is that you can get it in so many different funky colours! I hope you make the right decision! Good Luck! Ellie (:

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Robert asks…

When will Creatures 4 be released?

I was playing the old creatures games, ya know the life simulators, for the sake of nostalgia and heard about a 4th game coming out does anyone know the release date? and or any details?

admin answers:

Creatures 4 was originally planned to be released in January 2012 on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch/Android) but Fishing Cactus delayed the game to add more content, giving an estimated release date of 2012. In June 2012, Fishing Cactus announced another delay, Creatures 4 had a release date of 26 April 2013, which was described by Lord Shee as being “not definitive”. In November 2012, Fishing Cactus confirmed another delay, stating that they are hoping to enter a beta phase around January or February, and that if this happens, a ‘live date’ of March to April 2013 is possible.

David asks…

Do you want The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire and mockingjay to be released on march2013 then November?

admin answers:

No, because the movie would be crap if they did that. As much as I’d love to see Catching Fire as soon as possible, I’d rather wait for a quality production than see a rushed product that has not been perfected.

Also, they haven’t even started to cast Catching Fire yet – they just got a director about 2 weeks ago and the script is still being finalized. They hope to start filming in late summer/early fall. I say don’t rush it.

And they aren’t going to make Mockingjay until after Catching Fire is out, so there is no way they would come out at the same time. Plus, Mockingjay will likely be split in two part. Also, Jennifer Lawrence won’t likely be able to even begin filming Mockingjay until next spring at the earliest since she begins filming the sequel to X-Men First class in January, 2013. Mockingjay has a tenative release date of 2015.

Laura asks…

how much is the dlc gonna cost in wwe 13?

i want to know the exact prices for the dlc in wwe 13 before i buy microsoft points

admin answers:

WWE ’13 Fan Axxess Program Content:

Content Group #1 – “Attitude Era” Superstars Pack

“Attitude Era” Superstars Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay, Gangrel and Val Venis
Accelerator – enables players to unlock all in-game items, as well as customize individual WWE Superstar attributes
Each WWE Superstar will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 80 Microsoft Points.
The Accelerator will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 160 Microsoft Points.
All content is currently scheduled for release on November 2, 2012 in UK.

Content Group # 2 – WWE Superstars Pack

WWE Superstars Tensai, Ryback, Drew McIntyre and Yoshi Tatsu
WWE Divas AJ Lee and Natalya
Undertaker “Ministry of Darkness” alternate attire
Championship Title Pack – 10 new championships from WWE, WCW®, ECW® and AWA®.
The Undertaker “Ministry of Darkness” alternate attire will be available free of charge
Each WWE Superstar and Diva will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 80 Microsoft Points.
The Championship Title Pack will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 160 Microsoft Points.
All content is currently scheduled for release in December 2012.

Content Group #3 – You’re Welcome in Five Languages Pack

WWE Superstars Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso
WWE Diva Layla
“Attitude Era” Legends Brian Pillman and Chainsaw Charlie
Moves Pack – 20 new moves, including the Lionsault (made popular by Chris Jericho) and the Kimura Lock (made popular by Brock Lesnar)
WWE Diva Layla will be available free of charge
Each WWE Superstar will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 80 Microsoft Points.
The Moves Pack will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 160 Microsoft Points.
All content is currently scheduled for release in January 2013.

Joseph asks…

Any other series like Vampire Academy?

I really liked Vampire Academy and wanted to know if there is another series like it.

admin answers:

As a major Vampire Academy fan, here are some books/series I recommend to you. :)
The Demon Trapper’s Daughter by Jana Oliver ♥
*Soul Thief – releases August 30, 2011
*Forgiven – releases 2012
Note: Beck is an absolute hottie!! :D My friends and I are obsessed with this series right now!!

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder ♥
*Magic Study ♥
*Fire Study
Note: One of my favorites. :) Yelena was such a strong heroine; definitely reminded me of Rose. And Valek… Yum. :P

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins ♥
*Catching Fire ♥
Note: Everyone should read this series. It is just that epic. One of my favorite series ever.

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
*Bloodrose – releases February 21, 2012

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
*Supernaturally – releases July 26, 2011
*TBA 2012

Divergent by Veronica Roth
*Insurgent – releases 2012
Note: Pretty good start to a decent dystopian series. Four is pretty awesome.

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters
*Kiss of Life
*Passing Strange
Note: I completely adored Adam. Book 1 totally broke my heart though. Haven’t gotten a chance to read the other books yet.

Chime by Franny Billingsley ♥
Note: As soon as I finished, I wanted to flip it back around and start it again. I really loved it. Hope you will too. :)

The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell ♥
*The Springsweet – releases 2012
Note: This was so unlike anything I’d ever read, in a good way. It made me want to read more historical/paranormals.

Timeless by Alexandra Monir
*The Timekeeper – releases 2012
Note: Can’t wait for book 2!! I need more Philip!!

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz
*Deadly Little Lies
*Deadly Little Games
*Deadly Little Voices – releases December 6, 2011
*TBA 2012
Note: I love how the bad guy is always someone you don’t expect.

Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
*Enshadowed – coming January 24, 2012
*TBA 2013
Note: The cover is one of my favorite things about the book. After I read it I appreciated the cover so much more. It was a little tedious to read towards the end, but overall I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for book 2.

13 to Life by Shannon Delany
*Secrets and Shadows
*Bargains and Betrayals – releases August 16, 2011
*Destiny and Deception – releases January 31, 2012

Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder ♥
*Outside In
Note: Riley is too freaking adorable!! :)

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
*Hallowed – releases January 24, 2012
Note: I haven’t read Unearthly, but I’ve only heard good things. :)

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Hourglass by Myra McEntire
*TBA 2012
Note: Time-slip novel. Looks good!!

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent
*My Soul to Save
*My Soul to Keep
*My Soul to Steal
*If I Die – releases September 20, 2011
*Before I Wake – releases 2012
Note: Just started book 1!! It looks promising!!

Enclave by Ann Aguirre
*Outpost – releases September 2012
*Horde – releases 2013
Note: I enjoyed this book. However, I don’t think it compares at all to Hunger Games. But I love zombies and this was definitely spooky. I’m looking forward to reading book 2.

Blood Red Road by Moira Young ♥
Note: Ahhh… I loved it!! This book keeps getting compared Hunger Games, and while I could see *some* similarities, the two are so totally different. I loved both though. :) Can’t wait for book 2!!

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
*The Dead Girl’s Dance
*Midnight Alley
*Feast of Fools
*Lord of Misrule
*Carpe Corpus
*Fade Out
*Kiss of Death
*Ghost Town
*Bite Club
*Last Breath – releases November 1, 2011
Note: Never read this myself, but it’s another one my friends like.

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain ♥
*The Lost Saint
*The Savage Grace – releases December 27, 2011

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
*Beautiful Darkness
*Beautiful Chaos – releases October 18, 2011
*TBA 2012

Lost Voices by Sarah Porter
Note: Haven’t read this one yet, but it looks good!! About mermaids.

Ripple by Mandy Hubbard
Note: I want to read this one so bad!! Also about mermaids.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte ♥
Note: One of my all time favorite novels. It’s a gothic romance with supernatural elements. Also Michael Fassbender plays the new Mr. Rochester in the 2011 movie adaptation. HOT.

Books/series that haven’t released yet:
Bloodlines by Richelle Mead – August 23, 2011
*The Golden Lily – coming March 2012
Note: This is the spin-off series to Vampire Academy. If you loved VA, you’re gonna want to check this out.

The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab – August 2, 2011
Note: I’ve been hearing only rave reviews. I can’t wait to get my own copy and check it out for myself. :)

The Cupid War by Timothy Carter – August 8, 2011

Fateful by Claudia Gray – September 13, 2011
Note: What? Werewolves on the Titanic?

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler – November 21, 2011

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder – December 20, 2011

Helen asks…

What are all the sims 3 games?

Im obsessed with the sims 3 for PC. I have alot of the games, but i know theres at least 5 i do NOT have. I have: supernatural, seasons, showtime, pets, generations, sweet treats, late night, outdoor living, mastersuite, hidden springs, townlife, adventures, ambitions. If you can tell me the ones i dont have and where to buy them itd be great! BTW- i havent been able to find Fast Lane stuff anywhere

admin answers:

Wikipedia has list of Expansion packs and Stuff packs released for Sims 3

Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff – Expansion is available at
and Steam:
All the other packs are available at both sites. Just search it up.

You seem to be missing World Adventures (expansion pack) and these stuff packs
- High-End Loft Stuff
- Fast Lane Stuff
- Outdoor Living Stuff
- Town Life Stuff
- Master Suite Stuff
- Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats
- Diesel Stuff
- 70s, 80s and 90s Stuff (coming soon on 22 January 2013 –,_80s,_%26_90s_Stuff )

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Ruth asks…

Best Buy Preordered a Video Game?

Okay so i preordered a video game 1 week before its release date for extra exclusives and stuff so yesterday was the release date and i didn’t get it because it said “out of stock” on my order status so now its 1 day after the release and it still says out of stock so any one know when best buy will get the video game again and will they ship it to me as soon as they get it?


admin answers:

They’ve done the same thing to me twice in a row now — this time it was Forza 3, and for the same reason. It was ‘in stock’ when I preordered, but out of stock when it came time to ship it.

What I did was just go to the store and buy a copy and then cancel my preorder. I stopped by a BestBuy and they had it in the store. I actually bought it someplace else instead.

It probably won’t be long before they get it in stock again, as they certainly had enough copies to send it to stores…

Helen asks…

What would be a good video game for a Father’s day gift?

As you all are probably aware, Father’s day is coming up soon. I have a few ideas for what to get my dad, but I was thinking he would enjoy a good video game instead of some grilling gear or some shot glasses with Soviet leaders on them. However, my dad is a very picky gamer, and as such, finding a game for him has been a little difficult

I have gotten him hooked on Portal following the release of Portal 2, but he has played and beaten both of those.
He also owns all of the games in the Myst series, and is a fan of Civilization.
Outside of that, he’s very scattered in his opinion of popular games. He may enjoy certain games in a series, but typically not the entire series itself.

What would be a fun game to get him for father’s day? One with online capabilities would be nice. He does have steam, so I can always get him something through there

admin answers:

If he likes sports games, he will
Enjoy the masters golf game by ea sports.

David asks…

Moving soon post war husband stressed and not spending quality time?

We are PCSing soon which means that we are moving. We are lucky to be moving to hawaii he’s waiting on orders. He just got back from Iraq and is just getting used to “parenting” and having a 1 and a half year old daughter. I’ve been wanting to go on dates or do any type of family activity but my husband comes home from work,eats and then spends his time playing online with other ppl or friends through his xbox.

He tells me this is the way he releases stress. I dont want to pressure him but I would love to spend more time with him one on one and with our baby. I questioned him about it and he replied “Do you want me to do it without wanting to?” We also havnt been intimate at all for about a month (thats unusual for us) he blames it on the stress as well. We have played a few video games together because i know he enjoys them..

But when it comes to our child.. she actually pulled me today to sit next to him while he played.. I almost cried. She’s reaching out for his attention and when he’s playing he’ll swat her away sometimes, it breaks my heart. Any advice?
My husband is so “stressed” that I have mentioned marriage counseling and he rejects the idea

admin answers:

Ok I am an Army wife myself. I have 4 kids and my husband has gone through 2 deployments and tons of counseling (that he’s still doing). He has severe PTSD, and oddly enough the same problem you have. He spends time online, playing games, and whatever he can by himself. I tried so many times to talk to him about it, and all I got was the same answers. “It helps calm me down from the stress” after a couple years now I finally got him of World of Warcraft and other online games, and now he spends his time doing facebook games and still ignoring the children. Every once in a while he watches a movie, but just with me. My 2 year old son told me he wishes he had a daddy that liked him. Also broke my heart. But my point is, even though I have not found any cure for the problem, and it will take a very long time to get to any solution, you may want to explore the possibility that he may have PTSD. Moodiness, withdrawl, avoiding life itself, loss of sexual apetite, addiction problems ( games, drinking ect..) these and many more are serious signs of PTSD. You have a very long road ahead of you, and I feel for ya. I know the feeling to just want to feel loved and see your children loved by him. You need to talk to him about all of these things together. Not just one problem at a time. They may not seem related, but I am fairly certain that they are. Explain to him that it is not something that you just want him to do, but that he may be sick. That it is hurting his family that he fought so hard to get back to. Giving him ultimatums or yelling at him will just make him close up more, counceling is a very good idea, but he may not want to do it. If you keep on the track that it is hurting you and the kid(s) instead of something that makes you upset you will have better luck getting through to him. And if all else fails.. And I mean ALL ELSE… Call his chain of command and let them know hes showing serious signs of PTSD. He may get very mad at you for it at first, but him getting help is the only thing going to save your family. The longer he waits the harder it is.

Richard asks…

What game is this?

I saw a video of a soon to be release game, i dont know how soon though, on digg about a month or two ago and just remembered it but im having trouble remembering the name of the game and i cant remember the article description om digg.

Here is what i remember:
It starts with a girl standing on a really high building, maybe a crane. She has some sort of tattoo on her face around her eye.
It then cuts to first person view and she starts running across the tops of buildings. It shows her jumping up ledges and climbing along ledges. It kind of reminded me of assassins creed, only in first person and without all assassinating. Also i dont know if it helps but you can hear her breathing the whole time and it kind of irritated me.
It ends with a couple seens of her disarming some guards and doing some cool kicks off of some hand rails.

If anyone remembers the name of the digg article or the video that would be so awesome..
Not prototype. This character was a girl and the coloring was very light, not like the prototype trailer.
At the begining of the one im talking about it said “All of the following is actual game play.” or something like that.
Yes!!! Thank you so much! It is Mirror’s Edge!!

admin answers:

It’s called Prototype, a new video game that is not yet released. You can watch a trailer on but it doesn’t show gameplay.

John asks…

Why do I feel creative and happy before I poo, and then lose that feeling afterwards? Is some hormone released?

I know this sounds weird.. but, an hour or so before I need to go poop, I feel very creative. Like, I feel like playing a video game (something that I never do), or playing guitar, or am content just surfing the internet. I get the feeling I felt when I was a kid.. like I could sit down and play with toys or something.. but as soon as I have a bowel movement, this happy feeling goes away. Is there some type of endorphin or something released beforehand? I just wish I could mentally feel like that all of the time.
No, I’m not a guy. And yeahh, like, I will be super motivated to clean my room or something beforehand.. and then afterwards.. that feeling totally disappears.

admin answers:

WTF.. Same!!! Not so much anymore though, but when i was younger whenever i was about to go to the washroom, i thought of so many happy ideas and things that i was gonna do afterwards.. But after i took a dump, i didn’t feel like those ideas were great anymore. I cant beleive u think so too!

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Lisa asks…

RPG’S for XBOX similar to Dragon Age series?

I really love the dragon age series but with the news of the next being released in late 2013 i want a game to play in the meantime!
The main thing i love about dragon age is the combat and the story behind it all its so int-reeving!
Does anybody know any games that are similar where you lvl and can be diffrent races like Dwarfs, Elvs etc? I like the kind of Lord of the rings style with all the different races, I need it to be for XBOX 360 and not to be from a complete birds eye view but too be more dynamic like Dragon age!
I want to be elvs/dwarfs.
I dont like skyrim as it is first player view and that annoys me, I like the multi team combat in dragon age changing into other party members etc.

admin answers:

Hmm, Try the Witcher 2, I think they released that on the xbox. It’s inferior to it’s pc counter part, but it’s probably ok. It has the same kind of grittiness the Dragon Age games have. If i’m right the witcher is based on a series of books. I know dragon age is influence by a song of ice and fire series.

If you really want games a similar to dragon age. Try the Baldur’s Gate series on, or the icewind dale series, and every ones favorite d&d game planescape torment. These are pc titles from the late 90s early 2000s. Baldur’s gate is early work from Bioware. But if you want an xbox title go with the witcher 2. I don’t think they ever released the first on any console.

Forgot to mention Dragon Age is the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate, or at least that was bioware calls it. The gameplay is similar in these games to a T. You can craft a character and make it any race you want from humans, dwarfs, elf’s, halflings i think, half orcs, and half elves. You can invite varies characters you meet through out the game to join your party, one of my favorite characters was minsc and boo, you have to play the games to know why. They differ gameplay wise somewhat, but tactics are need for both games to win. The icewind dale games have the same gameplay, and so does planescape. These games hold up very well.

Chris asks…

Can the PAL version of Assassin’s Creed 2 GotY be played on American NTSC Xbox 360 S systems?

It can be any format not just PAL as long as The game is spoken in English. I am only interested in the GotY edition of AC2 as it contains All DLC

admin answers:

Jesus, these people knows nothing on xbox 360.
The op is asking the version compatibility, NOT format compatibility.

The game title asking is named:
” Assassin’s Creed II: Game of the Year Edition (Classics) ”
Which was released in UK Sep 2010

Yes, this is compatible with NTSC-U/C consoles confirmed.

Go for it.
Ubisoft hardly put region locks on its English title games anyway.

There have been xbox 360 threads, wiki, shopping sites .. Etc everywhere telling xbox 360 games do NOT need to be region locked everytime, but these people’s answers are still showing ignorance.
From 2006 till 2013, 7 years is not enough to learn ?

Don’t you guys know the Borderlands 2, NBA 2K13, and RE6 which released few days ago are region free?
United Kingdom, United States, Asia, Europe, Australia, they are all compatible to each other.

Sad that Fifa 13 and PES 2013 are region locked.

Richard asks…

Should I buy a Ps3 now, or wait till next gen consoles comeout?

I have a 360, i want to try something new. But they say that the xbox 720 and ps4 will release holiday season 2013. What should I do??? Wait? Best answaa

admin answers:

Go with the PS3 waiting is stupid. A next generation console won’t hit shelves until AT LEAST 2016-2020. The 2013/2014 releases are false and just rumours meant to get attention. Sony has said NOTHING in regards to a next generation console, and they would be stupid to want to release it as early as 2014. The economy isn’t in a state where people would be able to afford it. When the PS3 first came out it was like $800. That’s WAY overpriced (I mean, it’s a great system, but you can buy a lot with $800 y’know and the cheapest and best models were the 160GB models which were only $249.99. You see the difference? It’s the exact same system, that does the same things; but they realized the price was ridiculous and no one but the military could really afford to pay for one at the time). A next generation console will cost even more than that if they release it now and Sony isn’t stupid. It’s all about the money. If it’s too expensive and no one has money because of the economy globally, they will lose money making the systems just like they did in the beginning with the PS3. They aren’t going to repeat that, they learned the first time. They’re probably finding out what people want to see in a console and taking their time to try to make it the best a next generation console can be. When they’re ready to say “here it is” they’ll say it. But they’ve said NOTHING about a next generation system. The PS3 already does everything people want/need of it, and of course the PS3 can do things the 360 can’t and vice versa. Either way, it’s worth every penny, because the PS3 is more than JUST a gaming system. It’s a multimedia system, and it’s basically a mini supercomputer.

Hope that helps.

Helen asks…

Is it worth buying a ps3 now?

I have asked a similar question 9 months ago. But things have changed now beacouse my xbox 360 broke a while ago and im wondering is it worth buying a ps3 now considering ps4 is around the corner and could come out any moment.

admin answers:

Its rumoured the ps4 will be shown at next years E3 and be released in japan late 2013 and everywhere else in 2014 so if you can wait atleast 2 years without a console, then wait,, if you cant buy a ps3, due to there is some brilliant games getting released in the next 4-8 months

Ken asks…

When is the game “The Last of Us” coming out?

I saw the trailer, but I don’t know exactly when it’s going to come out. Can someone please tell me?! I really want this game so bad!!

admin answers:

I know 100% that “The Last of Us” release date is 5/7/2013. You can check on and type in the search box, “The Last of Us”. I’m not sure if it’s coming out for Xbox 360. I have a ps3. It says that it’s by Sony Computer Entertainment. It’s price is $59.99 at GameStop, and it’s new.

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Richard asks…

Does anyone know if the Harry Potter HBP video game release will be pushed back like the movie?

I just heard this morning that the movie will be pushed back until next summer (bummer). I’m hoping it isn’t the same for the game, I need something to hold me until the movie.
Alright people, I wanted something more detailed. Like if anyone had a date. I can assume that it will come out close to the movie too.

admin answers:

Yeah, generally the games are released at the same time as the movie. Apparently the official website for the game says that the release date will be July 17, 2009.

Sandy asks…

Who owns rights to retro video games?

Just asking a basic question of legal ownership over video game titles in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Are the legal owners of these titles, under copyright law, the developer of the title or the platform of which the title was developed for. For instance, does Nintendo have 100% control of rights regarding games released on the NES?

admin answers:

The respective owners of the titles own the rights to the “retro” games, meaning that the developers of the games, if not copyrighted, own the intellectual property to those games. About your NES question, all NES games that are 1st Party, i.e. Nintendo created, are owned by Nintendo. Third Party titles are owned by the devs of the games.

Chris asks…

What is the best place to find video game release date for any system?

Wii, PC, Xbox360

What site is a good and simple reference?

admin answers:

Betty asks…

how do you play video games from other countries?

I want to play “Eyeshield 21: AmeFoot Yarouze! Ya! Ha!” for the PS2. however, as you all know, not all games from Japan make it to America. How do you play video games that come in other languages? do you have use anything special to be able to play a unreleased japanese game (probably in another language) on a game system released in the US?

admin answers:

Because the coding is different you will have to buy a japanese play station. You also might need a voltage regulator for it since the wattage in the U.S. And Japan is different. If you decide to get a Japanese PS2, the first place I would check out is e-bay, but there are other places you could probably get one too if you just google “japanese PS2″.

Mary asks…

When a PS3 video game is newly released, how long before it starts to drop in price?

I want little big planet 2 but I can’t afford £40 on one game.
It’s (very) popular

admin answers:

Like many others have said, it really depends on the game. However, in the case of LittleBigPlanet 2, I can tell you that it may be a little sooner than you think. I bought my copy for about $50 when the game came out. However, I’d expect it to be at least 6 months before it goes to $50 at most retailers, probably 9 before it is $40. Around Christmas you’ll probably be able to get it pretty cheap (like on Black Friday), but that’s about the soonest point that the price will be reasonable.

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Richard asks…

I am planning to buy a game system in 2013?

I know this is weird but my parents dont allow video games period. When i become a freshman in college (which is 2013) which console should I buy? I will be in a dorm so they won’t know…..will there be more upcoming consoles within the next 3-4 years or no? Will there be price cuts within 3-4 years?

admin answers:

Well there are more new consoles getting released each year..If you buy a console in 2013 and you decided to buy the old consoles for ex. The wii xbox ps2 or ps3..The prices will cut..It will eventually get cheaper and cheaper just take the Nintendo 64 for example..But of course there are more releases coming out in the future…

James asks…

Which of these PS3 games are worth buying?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Bioshock 1 (or 2)
Final Fantasy 13

Besides Deus Ex, what other cyberpunk games are there for PS3? I know about Watch Dogs, but that isn’t released yet. Don’t say buy a game from the PSN store as I rather not.

admin answers:

Deus ex is the better choice but if you are waiting for another cyberpunk game then check out the game remember me by capcom coming out on march or may 2013

Chris asks…

Can you play Until Dawn without Playstation Move?

What I’ve heard is that it’s designed for Move, but I don’t know if you’re able to play it without it. Please let me know. Thanks!

admin answers:

It is designed exclusively for the PS Move ! The game isn’t due for release until 2013 so they may add an option to use either the move or the PS3 controller much the way they did with Heavy Rain !

Helen asks…

How many Abe’s Oddyssey games were there?

been a bit old school here but does anyone remember how many games came out for it? Cause I remember playing 2 demos of it when I was a kid and it was amazing, and Ive just bought one off ebay think its oddworld, sure there is another.. thankyouu x

admin answers:

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
PlayStation, Windows, PS3 (2008), PSP, OnLive (2012)

Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus
PlayStation, Windows, PS3 (2008), PSP, OnLive (2012)

Oddworld: Adventures
Game Boy

Oddworld: Adventures 2
Game Boy Color

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
Xbox, Windows(2010), PS3 (2012), PSVita (2012), OnLive (2012)

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
Game Boy Advance

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
Xbox, Windows(2010), PS3 (2011), PSVita (2012), OnLive (2012)

There is a new game planned for release in the Summer of 2013. It will be a reboot of Abe’s Oddysee. It will be a completely new game based off the original PS1 title!

Susan asks…

Will there be another Kingdom Hearts game for a TV console?

I’m a huge KH fan. I loved KH 1 and 2, but I hate all the lame handheld ones. Is there going the be a “Kingdom Hearts III” for the PS3/whatever it’s released on?

admin answers:

Unfortunate that you don’t like the handheld ones, considering their importance to the story. However, there will be a Kingdom Hearts 3 on a console. It hasn’t been formally announced, but the developers have said this latest handheld one will lead directly into KH3, so it will be made.

The thing is, the Kingdom Hearts Team is currently working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PS3, so they haven’t been able to make Kingdom Hearts 3. To keep fans entertained, instead of making them wait seven years with no games, another team was contracted to make the handhelds. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking the handhelds are responsible for delaying a console game.

TL;DR version: Yes, there will be a console game, but not until 2013 at the earliest.

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Richard asks…

Smackdown Vs Raw 2010, if i could create it.?

I watched the Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 teaser trailer today that was released at E3. and I thought about some stuff they can add (besides updated roster and CAW ect.)’

Create a Ring
-Make your own wrestling ring like what they featured on WWf Raw (sega dreamcast) change the mat, color of ropes, logos, entrance stage, ect.

Create a Finisher ADVANCED
-Make submission finishers, top rope finishers, springboard finishers, ECT

Create a title
-Like featured in 06,07 and 08 create your own single titles and tag team titles. Add logos on it and make it your own

Create a logo
-Create your own logo for your clothing,titles,ect. Something like this was featured in other games (not wwe.) Tony Hawk underground 2, and some other games.

Create your own titantron
-Mix up imported real WWE superstar titantrons and upload your own videos from online.

Create a match
-Make your own special match. Pick the rules and add objects that will be needed for the match. (weapons,casket,anything)

Create a sign
-Create your own sign that your fans will hold up in the crowd.

Create a fan
-like seen in madden games, you can create your own fan.

BQ:what do you think about my choices?

BQ2: Are you going to buy SVR10?

BQ3:Are you going to pre-order N.O.C?

****NOTE**** If, [t]he[t]ruth wants to ruin this question by awnsering it, at least think of something funny to say, your not even creative anymore.
N.O.C. stands for night of champions.

admin answers:

BQ: I like your choices.
BQ2: No. I just wasted my money buying svr 09
BQ3: No. I rather watch it on youtube

Paul asks…

Do you these lyrics, I put a video?
This is the point of no return
No I didnt smoke crack
I took a dose of reality
And I aint coming back

Chemtrails in the skies
triggering asthma attacks

Swine flu epidemics
Peoples lungs turning black

Mass inoculation
By the W.H.O
Big pharma deception
vaccines killin your soul?

Financial meltdown
And the Stimulus packages
Better start the countdown
Bankers know just how wack this is

Currency collapse
n Guess whos coming knocking
republic of china
they wont be bringin popcorn

Like the calm before the storm

Yall better prepare
Cuz this shit will come so fast
Youll shit your underwear

RELEASE yourself
From the illuminati hold
Open up yo chakras
And find the the inner soul

Listen to me
Cause The time is now
United we stand
Divided we fall


With Hollywood theatrics
CNN Bill Oreilly
mind control tactics

You see its only
Just a matter of days
false flags
martial law
each step
fallin in place

Vernal equinox
Luciferian ways
The royal serpent blood line
Continues today

Dont worry you say?
Youll think were okay?
Whata bout when we fighting
To correct our mistakes

like post quake Haiti
cowards acting like Steve Urkell
screaming please god SAVE ME

So Watchu doing now?
Eating chicken and gravy?
MTV blaring
bunch of Guidos acting shady

in Fema Camps
theres a Lack of romance
Trust me man
Your gonna really miss your food stamps

Nah when you get there,
Wont be no complimentary platter
If you resist
Your brains will get fuckin splattered

Holocaust denial
Is the current state of mind
Im talking 2010
not 1945

Internet licenses?
And the Verichip ID
While the Pope himself
Condones Sodomy

Worlds got a hold of me
big hypocrisy
Shadow government elite
Illusionary democracy

You take this offensively?

Like a verbal attack?

Forget pens and swords
Think keyboard and Gats

SO Sit back relax
Radioactive beef
Follow something meaningless
Like the coffee party

Monsanto GMO
Terminator Seeds
Thats exactly what happens
With evil corporate greed

Governments always been the biggest fucking racists
Locking up you black males
To put you in your places

Listen People,
whatever you are
Take heed to my words
You could make it quite far

United Nations planning wars from the very start
Just like HIV
on Africa

Whats scariest
Codex Alimentarius
Man im telling ya
this shit is so nefarious

We gotta wake up
N get outta this grid
Kill, control, Incarcerate,
Its how they get their kicks.

Eugenics? You say?
Is that Spanish? You say
No you idiot its not
wake up before its too late

The bees almost gone,
Were losing our honey,
Bu we got aspartame
Its poison but yummy

You see when the bees go for good
There goes all of our crops
While your hitting the bong
Hiding from the cops
And when people get hungry
The guns will go pop
And it wont be funny
But I think Ive said enough

One more thing

It all propaganda

For all of you sheep
Blindly following obama
living in constant fear
from the boogey man osama

With a beer in your hand
While you ogle at your mama

Get a glass of water,
You find yourself dumber
Fluoride you say? What is that

just a toxin
Accumulates in your head?
pineal gland ,
third eye
holy shit thats bad

IF you think this Is just new age junk
Let your spirit subside
Let the bodies pile up

Healthcare bill passed
in the US of A
Correct me if im wrong
Obama signed it today

How many days
Till the verichip injection
Or the police state
Random home inspection

Weakening us
For the next pandemic
DNA corruption
This shit is systemic

Keeping silents like pretending
Like this had never been heard
But the game is over now
If you dont spread the word.

admin answers:

Your flow REALLY SUCKS A-S-S!!!

Robert asks…

Who do you think is the mystery guy in Wwe ’12?

Here are some deatails given by THQ.,

** I won’t reveal who the mystery superstar is, but the clues he gave me were that it is not HBK, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Yokozuna, Foley, etc that have been named on the internet. It is a wwe superstar that has been in 1 WWF/E game. Going back to Wrestlefest is too far and Smackdown vs Raw 2010 is too close. But he said having this person in the game is “A very good thing.”- some will get this others won’t.

** WM 14 attire HBK (against Stone Cold) and Bret Hart are DLC. Batista, Jericho, Khali are not in the game.

** The remaining 14 spots are made up of 7 diva’s, 2 hall of famers, 3 current superstars and 2 NPC that will be playable (wrestling attire Cole and Jim Ross from Extreme Rules). (Hint: Khali is not in, but Mahal is one of the DLC). Chris Masters, DH Smith, Melina, Gail Kim were all slated to be DLC but have been scrapped. This made the overall roster smaller than expected. JTG, Trent Barretta, Curt Hawkins, and Tyler Reks are all NOT in this year.

**Macho Man, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar are all NOT in the game! The Lesnar game model a THQ staffer said was made for WWE 12 was actually made for UFC Undisputed 3.

** Kharma has turned up in testing, but they have been told her character “most likely won’t make it to the final product as WWE has requested her be scratched.

** Sin Cara has his lightning in 1 vs 1 matches and it is “very annoying” to him at least.

** All legends have a titan tron video, but only those that have actually had mini trons on TV since they started using them have them in game. All released superstars (kozlov and guerrero) have had their mini trons taken out recently. He is not sure why they did this.

** Demolition on their team entrance had clipping problems where the models face would come through the mask. They have worked on this and corrected it.
It could possibly be Chris Masters

admin answers:

No Curt Hawkins? Are you serious Bro? He wasn’t in last year’s and this year he’s not in it AGAIN?

Lizzie asks…

help i want to play games and i have a old pc?

i have this pc info
Processor name AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+
Processor speed 1492
Processor vendor AuthenticAMD
Processor count (cores) 1
Processor ID x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1

Other info
RAM size 1.25 GB
DirectX version
HDD – Windows partition 40 GB
HDD – Largest disk 80 GB
Video RAM 128 MB
Windows version Windows XP (5.1.2600)
Regional settings English United States
Windows language English United States
Last check for driver updates Jan 27 2010 11:13AM

1. Computer name RAMI-0C6F6EA951
Model A7N8X-X
Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC.
No. of physical processors 1
System type X86-based PC
Total physical memory 1.25 GB
Infrared supported False

System enclosure
1. Chassis type Desktop
Manufacturer Chassis Manufactture

System product
1. Name A7N8X-X
Caption Computer System Product
Vendor ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Identifying number xxxxxxxxxxx
Version REV 2.xx

Desktop monitor
1. Name Plug and Play Monitor
Manufacturer (Standard monitor types)
Screen height 1024
Screen width 1280
Availability Running or Full Power

1. Name Ver 1.65
Manufacturer Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Version Nvidia – 42302e31
Ver 1.65
Phoenix – AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
Release date Feb 03 2004
SMBIOSMajorVersion 2
SMBIOSMinorVersion 2
Bios features PCI is supported
Plug and Play is supported
APM is supported
BIOS is Upgradable (Flash)
BIOS shadowing is allowed
Boot from CD is supported
Selectable Boot is supported
BIOS ROM is socketed
EDD (Enhanced Disk Drive) Specification is supported
Int 13h – 5.25 / 360 KB Floppy Services are supported
Int 13h – 5.25 /1.2MB Floppy Services are supported
Int 13h – 3.5 / 720 KB Floppy Services are supported
Int 13h – 3.5 / 2.88 MB Floppy Services are supported
Int 5h, Print Screen Service is supported
Int 9h, 8042 Keyboard services are supported
Int 14h, Serial Services are supported
Int 17h, printer services are supported
Int 10h, CGA/Mono Video Services are supported
ACPI is supported
USB Legacy is supported
AGP is supported
LS-120 boot is supported
ATAPI ZIP Drive boot is supported

Base board
1. Name Base Board
Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Product A7N8X-X
Serial no. xxxxxxxxxxx
Version REV 2.xx
Is hosting board True

1. Name AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+
Caption x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
L2 cache size 256 B
Manufacturer AuthenticAMD
Processor ID 0383FBFF00000681
Address width 32

Disk drive
1. Caption ST340014A
Description Disk drive
Capabilities Random Access
Supports Writing
Manufacturer (Standard disk drives)
Model ST340014A
Size 40 GB

2. Caption WDC WD800JB-00FMA0
Description Disk drive
Capabilities Random Access
Supports Writing
Manufacturer (Standard disk drives)
Model WDC WD800JB-00FMA0
Size 80 GB

Display configuration
1. Caption NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600

Video controller
1. Name NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600
Adapter RAM 128.00 MB
Video processor GeForce FX 5600
Availability Running or Full Power

Physical memory
1. Capacity 512.00 MB

2. Capacity 512.00 MB

3. Capacity 256.00 MB

Sound device
1. Name NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio

admin answers:

I would definitely try Roller Coaster Tycoon, I think it will run, and is a very fun game.

Sandra asks…

Is my GeForce 9800M GS Driver up to date?

I have a GeForce 9800M GS video card but I am having a lot of crashing problems with games. I assume I have downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia… Once I search on the website it says:

Verde Notebook Release 256
Version:258.96 WHQL
Release Date:2010.07.19
Operating System:Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit

But my version shows so I have no idea if that’s right or not

admin answers:

That driver was released a month ago. Install it.

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Your Questions About Games Answered.

Sandy asks…

A showdown between the PS4, Xbox 720, and Wii U at E3 2012?
Woah [pause] What do you guys think?

admin answers:

IGN still spread rumors… Sony will show PS vita .. Wii u will be there Nintendo said.. Microsoft maybe show new xbox but maybe not … If yes it will released after 1-2 years.

Sony just release ps vita in Japan if they try to release ps4 after some months it will bankrupt..Sony said new ps console 2016.. But look what i think..

Wii u 2012 xbox ( i dont think is going to called 720 ) 2013 ps4 2014.
Game designers are good with the current consoles. Even wii u coming soon is still so weak which cant compare ps3 and xbox 360.

Why to release new console now when GTA V coming for ps3 and xbox 360 this or next year?
NaughtyDog working ps3 exclusive “The Last of us” which will be this or next year?

I watched Rumors about next gen console coming 2009 lol.

Ken asks…

Undecided between 3ds and psvita?

I have bought 3 psp, and one dsi, and I loved both systems, but i sold them. I am a hardcore gamer, obviously, I am all the way in with the ps vita, but I am those kind people that bought nintendo consoles just for the nintendo exclusives, metroid, zelda, super smash bros, mario kart, including mario party lol, but i would like to play online with the 3g aswell, Im hoping to buy both systems, but i think that maybe on the E3 nintendo wil anounce another 3ds slimer or with more battery or something since nintedo changes very fast and sony too, so please help me make a correct choice, what to buy first? I know that I can have lots of fun myself with ocarina, starfox, streetfighter, mario kart, luigis mansion, kid icarius, but i don’t know if im gonna regret later when, help please.

admin answers:

If your getting both, get Vita first. On launch, WiFi version costs $250, but 3G is $300. If you get the 3G at launch, u get free $50 worth of stuff. So if u plan on getn WiFi, switch to 3G cuz you spend $50 more to get $100 worth of stuff. Not only do u get 3G compatible, you get 1 month of 3G free, a free PSN game, and a 8GB memory card! $50 value is a great deal and you can only get it at launch.

As for 3DS. It’s a fabulous system w/ great games on the way. But yes, Nintendo will release an updated version. When? Sometime after the WiiU launch. WiiU is expected to come out November. So the new 3DS model will probably come out early 2013 just like the DSi.
But, if you buy a 3DS now, and when the new one comes out, GameStop is gonna have a deal, where if you trade in your 3DS toward new one, theyl give u $50-$80 for it, making new one much cheaper.

Both great systems. Depends on which exclusives u like more.

But 3DS is getting some GREAT games soon: Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Tekken, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, and at E3 i think they showing off Conduit and Pokemon. Thers also another Zelda and Smash Bros in development, but we wont see those for 3 years. Theres also even another Zelda, which is sequal to OoT, but they dont want to release it until after new original Zelda is out.

Vita is getting Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Modnation, Little Big Planet, Resistance, Killzone, Metal Gear HD collection, Jak & Daxter HD collection, Oddworld Munchies, Oddworld Wrath, StreetFighter X Tekken, and Katamari,

Robert asks…

PS Vita Q & A Your Opinions Please?

1- Do you think that the Vita has a wide variety of games?
2- Do you think that the Vita is worthy of it’s price? Or should it have a Price drop and an Ambassador program like the 3DS?
3- What item will connect to the second port on top of the Vita next to the game slot?
4- Can the Vita‘s screen break if I put it in a hard cover then in my pocket?(By pressure)?
5- What games on the Vita will have a limited edition? (Cod? BF3? AC? GTA? More?)
6- Should I buy the Vita or should I wait for a price drop?
Thanks I might ask more Qs later. Best answer on most informative and creative answers.
At Kyle T. I live in a place where the temps can get up to 40-50 degrees, so still want me too “go outside to get some exercise.” or burn to death. Also I’m well below the age to get laid. And yes I do read but sometimes it’s cool to blow up brains in games.

admin answers:

1. No , at least not psvita titles , but it’s a new system and you can’t expect a lot of games right away , anyone who buys a new console in the first year should not expect more than a dozen decent games
if you include all the psp games the vita can play then yes , it has a lot of games already ( well over 150 ) it took years to get that many for the psp and ps3 when they came out .

2. Yeah , for the amount of tech you get the price is pretty reasonable . It cost over 200 million dollars to design and produce the psvita and you really can’t expect a price drop this early or until sony gets back most of the initial cost and starts making a profit on it

3. You can connect a memory card to add more memory ( for downloading games and saving games onto )

4. Anything can break but if you use a hard case then it’s unlikely to break the screen just from carrying it in your pocket , just don’t sit on it or put too much pressure on the screen ( common sense ) , it’s pretty large so you probably won’t carry it in your back pocket anyway , it would either not fit in the pocket or be uncomfortable

5. I don’t have any idea , maybe when they release the upcoming call of duty for psvia next year it might be a special edition , it’s up to sony and the games developers if they do any deal like that ( basically it’s up to the game developers mainly , when you see a ps3 mw3 edition it’s because activision wants it , their publicity department asks sony , pays the extra costs involved and gives free copies of the game to get free advertising for their game and they make money off it from selling either dlc or other games ion the series
it’s mainly free advertising since you see the game mw3 listed on every ps3 box

6. There probably won’t be a price drop for a long time , the vita sells pretty well at this price and price drops happen only after the product starts making a profit and because it sells enough to but the parts in bulk the cost to build it goes down , I wouldn’t expect a price drop before christmas 2013 at the earliest or at E3 in june 2014

Sharon asks…

Is buying a Ps3 worth it?

My xbox was stolen and i dont feel like replacing it for a new one because i had many games saved to the hard drive and it would cost to much to replace it all. Ive always wanted a ps3 for its exclusives such as mgs4 infamous and lbp series plus the new mgs that should be coming out in about a year. I also have a ps vita so it would make sense to own a ps3 as well but i dont know if it is worth buying it now that new systems are on the way.

admin answers:

I will say this one more time then print bumper stickers.

There is no proof the PS4 is coming out in 2013 or 2014. Sony didn’t announce they are releasing a new system at E3 in June. Sony has said more than once the PS3 will have a 10 year life span. That would put the PS4 at 2016. The PS3 is adaptive. It can play 3D movies and games, Blue Ray movies and games, and surf the web. What more do you want it to do? Sing and dance? Could it have a better web browser? Yes, but thats a minor issue. Any story you want to point out about a PS4 is a rumor. Nothing more. Including this website:

(I noticed they have changed the date twice now. I know a 10 year old that could make up a better piece of fiction and website.That website isn’t a rumor its a 100% lie)

How long did we know about the Vita? More than a year. How about the Nintendo U?? Again more than a year. Sony officials aren’t going to go on TV one day and say something like: “The PS4 is coming out in a week. Get in line now suckers.”

To sum it up yes the PS3 is well worth it. There are also other exclusives you may not even know about like:

Last of Us
BEYOND: Two Souls

On top of that no more paying to play online.

David asks…

is ps3 recomended for 2012?

I want to buy a ps3 now , and i really don’t know what to do , should i buy it ?? and will it stay on the top till 2012,2013 ??

admin answers:

Stay on top? Well it will have competition from the Wii U next yr (it will have a tun of features but still no movie disc playback, just have to w8 n c what happens when its out) but now is the best time to buy a PS3 as they just released the new colors (White US & Silver UK i think) and if u think about it the PS Vita is out soon n for all any1 knows the PS Vita can b used like a Wii U controller of the PS3 (if Sony takes advantage of that is another story) and i am also guessing that they might use the Vita for cross game chat linked to the PS3 seeing as the PS3 can do it on its own (i hope they do this).

I wld get the PS3 (1 thats not the typical color)

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